Health & Disability

Companies that invest in health and sustainable employability of employees can save costs.

We make an inventory of, analyze and advise companies about employer and employee risks in the area of health and work disability. In this way, you can have more impact on the health of your employees, with a decrease in absenteeism as a result.

We support your growth with healthy employees who can be deployed sustainably by making optimal use of your insurance contracts. In a smart way, we connect employer, employee, insurer and other stakeholders. In this way, we help you to reduce your absenteeism and work disability costs (WIA, Act on work and income according to capacity for work).

Sustainable Deployment

For both employers and employees, it is important that employees are healthy, enthusiastic and energetic.  The employer has a facilitating role to achieve this. The employee is primarily responsible for his own health. This means that there is a joint challenge that asks for good communication, empathy for each other’s challenges and attention for the things that matter.

Montae & Partners supports employers to gain control over and implement the necessary processes. With internal communication about these matters and the execution of the laws and regulations about preventing and limiting the consequences of absenteeism and work disability. In a professional and reliable way.

For example, making sure that your employees gain insight into the financial consequences of parttime employment and parttime pension, early retirement, demotion, senior arrangements and severance packages.

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“We help you to implement your sustainable deployment policy for all of your employees.”
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“A good collective health insurance is an important part of the health policy of an employer. It is more than just a discount for employees.”

Collective Health Insurance

Because of the increasingly privatized social security, it is important for employers to have healthy employees who can be deployed sustainably.

The government is placing more (financial) responsibilities in the hands of the employers. This calls for a smart approach to keep your employees as healthy and energetic as possible. If an employee should nevertheless fall ill, you must use the right instruments to enable the employee to resume work as soon as possible.

A good collective health insurance is an important part of the health policy of an employer. It is more than just a discount for employees. We help you to get the coverages you need, tailored to your absenteeism problems. We arrange services made to measure to optimally use the health insurance and to integrate it into your health policy.

Montae & Partners informs you proactively about the developments in the health insurance market and how this relates to your current collective health contract. Moreover, we support you in the communication to get as many employees on board as possible.

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Absenteeism, Work Disability & Case Management

Your employee falls ill. This is unpleasant for your employee, but also for you as an employer, both practically and financially. Especially if it concerns a longer period of time. If your employee becomes (partly) incapacitated for work after 2 years and a WIA benefit follows, your costs can increase even more. As an employer, you are (financially) responsible for this sick employee for another 10 years.

We make inventory your (national and/or international) financial employer risks. And we advise you about the right choices in carrying risks yourself or insuring them. In this respect, we focus on the following employer risks:

  • Absenteeism insurance
  • Self-insurance Sickness Benefits Act
  • Self-insurance WGA (Act on Resumption of Work for Partially Disabled Persons)

For employees, we focus on the following risks:

  • WGA-gap, WGA-excedent and WIA-supplement
  • Collective accident insurance
  • Continuous business travel insurance

Managing the Sickness Benefit Act and WIA-supervision yourself requires much knowledge, time and effort. These are not always available. The case manager has to keep the necessary knowledge up-to-date, and preferably have access to a sounding board. Moreover, they often have to manage other things.

We assist employers in these cases with our partner company Advance. This company has a team of experienced Deployment specialists in the field of Sickness Benefit Act and WIA. Depending on your wishes, we can take over your case management partly or entirely from you.

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Man staat bij scherm met informatie over een zorgdossier met documenten om zich heen
'“We make an inventory of your (national and/orinternational) financial employer risks. And we advise you about the right choices in carrying risks yourself or insuring them.”

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