Global Mobility

You are an employer and you are sending employees (expats) abroad. Which risks do these Global Mobility employees run? Are they covered by the social security in their home country, or not? We offer knowledge about the risks of sending expats abroad. And contribute to your duty of care by making you aware of (local) social security.

We map the solutions (benefits) for you and cover risks, particularly involving health and work disability, but also death, accidents and we provide personal benefits.

International Mobility Program

Montae & Partners offers a complete International Mobility Program:

  • Checking current solutions (like travel insurance) on their coverage and the desired situation
  • Management and maintenance of international health insurance
  • 1 central point of contact for support and questions for you as  employer and your expats
  • Risk-inventory for each (new) expat
  • Monitoring the care responsibilities when sending employees on an international assignment
  • Knowledge sharing about (local) social security
  • Support with applications for A1/certificate of coverage
  • Sorting out insurance policies for health care costs (to prevent fines), if necessary
  • Putting together an additional international insurance package. Health care costs, repatriation, accidents, work disability, etc.
  • Using our network for international secondment

Montae & Partners is the employee benefits partner of Assurex Global. This partner network, established in 1954, is an exclusive partnership of the world’s most prominent independent brokers. You have access to local expertise with a worldwide coverage.

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Man in blauw pak duwt blauwe wereldbol vooruit, er vliegt een vliegtuig om de wereldbol heen en er zijn wolken
“Local expertise with a worldwide reach.”
Blauwe EHBO koffer met een document en medicijnen
''Montae & Partners answers the question of which international health insurance fits you and your expats best.''

Health Insurance

Do you have multiple expats sent out to a foreign country? Is there secondment involved? Is it a treaty country? We check if your internationally active employees have the right to a basic insurance in the Netherlands or if an international solution is necessary.

Montae & Partners answers the question which international health insurance fits you and your expats best. We compare conditions, management, premiums, etc. In a transparent and clear manner we examine your current situation compared to the possibilities. In this process, we eliminate your (hidden) risks as much as possible.

Insuring across country borders means dealing with international insurers and different regulations than in the Netherlands. For example, an insurer may refuse your expat because of medical reasons. For acceptation, an individual insurance always requires a health certificate.

There is a risk that the employee in question is not accepted, and, therefore, cannot go abroad to work.

Montae & Partners always makes collective agreements with an insurer, one of which is non-select acceptance. Moreover, we make sure that all expats have the same wide coverage with one insurer. In that way, all of your expats are treated the same. And you have the guarantee of a good coverage.

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Work Disability

Many employers use the voluntary employee insurances of the UWV (Netherlands Employees Insurance Agency) for their expats without A1/Certificate of Coverage. The voluntary employee insurances for ZW (Sickness Benefits Act), WW (Unemployment Insurance Act) and WIA (Act on work and income according to capacity for work) entitles the employee, under certain conditions, to a benefit of the UWV in case of illness, unemployment and work disability.

UWV is not the only party that can insure the risk of illness and work disability whilst working abroad. A possible alternative is to take out these coverages from a private insurer.

We conduct market investigations at international insurers and compare the premiums and coverages with each other, and with those of the UWV. An international insurer can often offer better coverage at a better premium. We advise you about the best solution (per expat).

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“For each expat, we conduct market investigations at international insurers and compare the premiums and coverages with each other, and with those of the UWV.”
Vrouw met knot in haar en spijkerbroek en hakken aan
“Besides a collective solution, it is also possible to take out an individual insurance.”


Montae & Partners preferably works with collective solutions of international insurers. However, sometimes an expat wants to take out an individual insurance. This can be done with both the Dutch (NL) as well as the English (ENG) application form. Choose one of the possibilities:

Dutch application form:
Goudse – individueel expat pakket
Oom – wonen in het buitenland
Oom – tijdelijk in het buitenland

English application form:
Goudse – individueel expat package
Oom – living abroad
Oom – temporary abroad

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